Comsaed River Kwai Resort 70 Moo 5, Ladya, Muang, Kanchanaburi 71190

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The Comsaed Difference: Hospitality, Heritage, Sustainability

The Comsaed Story: A Legacy of Harmony and Hospitality

Nestled on the banks of the storied River Kwai in Kanchanaburi, Comsaed River Kwai Resort stands as a testament to a dream realized. In 1993, our founders envisioned a sanctuary where guests could not only experience the captivating allure of Thailand, but connect deeply with its natural splendor. From the outset, sustainability and respect for the environment were woven into the very fabric of Comsaed.

The land, a 40 rai nature preserve, was carefully chosen to minimize disruption to the existing ecosystem. Buildings were designed to complement the landscape, drawing inspiration from traditional Thai architecture. Our commitment to preserving our heritage extends beyond aesthetics; we actively support local artisans and cultural initiatives, ensuring that Kanchanaburi's rich tapestry remains vibrant for generations to come.

Over the years, Comsaed has become synonymous with warm Thai hospitality. Our team, many of whom hail from the surrounding communities, take genuine pride in welcoming guests and sharing the wonders of Kanchanaburi. Whether it's a personalized spa treatment, a guided excursion to historic sites, or a thoughtfully prepared meal showcasing local ingredients, every detail is attended to with care.

This unwavering dedication to excellence has garnered Comsaed numerous awards and loyal guests from around the world. Yet, at our heart, we remain true to the founding vision: a riverside haven where nature, culture, and genuine hospitality intertwine to create an unforgettable experience. The Comsaed legacy is one of continuous growth and a steadfast commitment to being stewards of this remarkable place we call home.