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Nearby Attractions

Kanchanaburi War Cemetery

This moving cemetery is the final resting place for Allied prisoners of war who died while building the Death Railway during WWII. The cemetery is beautifully maintained and offers a somber reminder of the war's human cost.

Thai Burma Railway Centre (TBRC)

This excellent museum explores the history of the Death Railway, its construction, and the experiences of the POWs who built it. The museum houses exhibits, artifacts, and survivor testimonies, offering a deeper understanding of this significant chapter in WWII history.

Mallika R.E.124: The Siamese Living Heritage Town

A recreated 1905-era Thai village where you can dress in traditional attire, sample local food, and experience a bygone era.

Prasat Muang Sing Historical Park

Ruins of an ancient Khmer outpost showcasing beautiful architecture and offering a glimpse into Kanchanaburi's rich past.

Sai Yok National Park

Home to beautiful waterfalls, limestone caves (including the impressive Lawa Cave), and opportunities for river rafting and camping.

Erawan National Park

A breathtaking park featuring the seven-tiered Erawan Waterfalls, offering swimming holes, hiking trails, and stunning photo opportunities.

Hellfire Pass and Memorial Museum

A somber reminder of the Death Railway built by POWs. Hike the pass to immerse yourself in history and honor those who toiled here.

Bridge on the River Kwai

A historic landmark with a poignant WWII legacy. Visitors can walk across the bridge, explore the JEATH War Museum, and pay respects at the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery.

The Death Railway Train Ride

The trains used for these rides are typically restored or replica carriages, designed to resemble those used during the war. While not luxurious, they offer a comfortable ride with open windows for enjoying the scenery. * Safety notice * Do not lean out of the train to take photos. The risk of falling is serious. Stay seated for your safety.